Code Analysis

We provide a meticulous and iterative review of what your specific code analysis requirements are and what you’re trying to do. We then match them up to the right type of building code and permit requirements that will be necessary to ensure proper compliance and a smooth construction period of any kind of building.

Commercial/Residential Construction Plan Review

We do a deep dive into your overall construction plan. Doing everything from a review to see the viability of your project, as well as a zoning consult. We also help to put forward any issues that could potentially arise and offer up possible outcomes to those issues.

Project Management

For those that need it, HGS prides itself on being able to offer comprehensive project management services. These help from the start with your vision to the constructed end result. HGS will develop a project management plan, roadmap, and an estimated budget that continues to be refined and updated as each milestone is reached.

Permit/Business License Expediting

At HGS, we are able to get you the right permits and business licenses that you need for your project. Ensuring all of this before the construction even begins. We understand how the local municipalities and systems work. So we easily navigate your paperwork through and expedite certain permits when they are necessary. This allows your business to focus on other critical elements.

Administrative Services

As experts in everything related to preliminary plan review, plans examination, zoning understanding, and the industry in general, we can offer your company administrative services and support that are meant to help you with the nuances of handling paperwork and efficient filing of said paperwork. That helps to keep your permits and licenses up to date and compliant, as well as supplier management with vendors and invoicing processing. We can also help keep you on track by managing your schedules.