About April


She has the right type of experience to handle code analysis and review. And also manage multiple aspects of construction projects through her experience as a project manager. So she knows where the typical chokepoints can be and works to navigate through those challenges properly and remain compliant the whole time.
She is also an expert negotiator that is ready to work with all parties involved to come up with the best resolution every time. April does this with a mindset of regulation and safety first. With her and HGS, it’s all about bringing the right collaborative environment with their services. One where it doesn’t end up feeling as if there are any major compromises and all relevant issues and queries are resolved. She brings a multi-faceted approach to the entire industry. This is shown with her ability to be one of the most flexible and knowledgeable construction consultants available on the market currently.

About HGS

At HGS we have at the helm April Turner, who is acting as the current principal consultant. She has over a decade of experience in handling Building & Fire plan reviews. This is for multiple construction building types, both residential and commercial. She has a strong acumen for research. Also her due diligence when it comes to review is one of the best out there.

The right certifications for HGS

As principal consultant, April works tirelessly to ensure that she has all the necessary certifications. Also that they are updated consistently. Currently she holds the following certifications:
On top of that, April and HGS keep themselves informed and attend new training classes when they come out and when they are pertinent to the industry overall. This helps to keep them ahead of any major changes that may affect their clientele.

April Turner

Principal Consultant

HGS is ran by a Principal Consultant, April Turner. She is a highly skilled project manager with 10 years of Building & Fire Plan Review experience. She demonstrated successhas proven her expertise in construction consulting and business management.