Our service area covers three major core areas, but do check back often as HGS continues its expansionary efforts.

Houston, TX

HGS is thrilled to be able to offer one of the most populated cities in Texas that continues to grow until this day. There are a plethora of opportunities to build out and do construction work. Also the Principal Consultant has gained extensive experience in the area. HGS has an excellent network with local architecture firms as well as with real estate development firms on site.
HGS specifically covers the City of Houston, Harris County, and the surrounding area. We’re here to help with the often complicated and challenging permits in the area.

Atlanta, GA

The headquarters and home for HGS, the Principal consultant has access to all the best developers, business owners, and engineering firms. This experience helps to bring a personal touch to all the business ventures you’re considering doing in this great city. HGS covers Atlanta and the surrounding jurisdictions and city municipalities. You won’t have any issues working with local jurisdictions and ensuring that your ventures are all up to code with HGS as your local partner. HGS is more than familiar with the current construction scene here.

Nashville, TN

The latest expansionary of HGS, and for good reason. Nashville is one of the fastest-growing areas when it comes to construction. This means plenty of potential opportunities for various types of businesses. As the Principal Consultant actually hails from Nashville, there is an acute familiarity with process and procedures when it comes to getting the right kind of permits and municipal paperwork approved. That means expedited permits when necessary and ensuring that your construction ventures always remain fully compliant and ready to stay on schedule. HGS covers Nashville and the surrounding Metro / Davidson County area.

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